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Welcome to the Foodex Iran Marketplace, your premier platform transforming the food and beverage industry’s supply chain and production processes. We’re more than just a trading space; we’re a dynamic environment designed to boost interaction, collaboration, and sustainable growth for your business. Our marketplace is where quality meets efficiency, directly enhancing your food and beverage products.

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Boundless Global Access

Access global opportunities without time or location limits

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Fast-track your growth by leveraging the latest industry trends and innovations

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Build valuable local and international connections to propel your business

Transforming the industry: our mission

At Foodex Iran, our mission is clear: to provide a space where producers, suppliers, and distributors have access to the necessary resources not just to grow their businesses but to advance sustainable development within the food and beverage industry. Joining our marketplace means more than participating in a digital platform—it means joining a movement dedicated to enhancing quality and innovation across the global food supply chain. This interaction directly leads to the production of higher-quality, more sustainable food products, positively impacting society and the environment.

invest in the futuer with foodex iran marketplace

With a strong focus on quality and innovation, the Foodex Iran Marketplace is the place where you can expand your business relationships and invest in the future of the food and beverage industry. As part of a leading community, you’ll help shape the industry’s future, ensuring that it grows in a sustainable and responsible way.

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Connect with the Foodex Iran Team

Expect a call from the Foodex Iran team to confirm your information and discuss how we can collaborate effectively.


Access Monthly Insights and Reports

Gain access to essential data from your brand profile and receive monthly reports that keep you informed and ahead


Services, duration and tariffs (Spring 1403)

Starter Pack

3 Months

Kick-start growth

Price: 21,000,000 Rial

Expansion Pack

6 months + 1 month free

Broaden market reach

Price: 4,200,000 Rial

Leadership Pack

12 months + 2 months free

Maximize industry impact

Price: 84,000,000 Rial

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Frequently  Asked Questions

How can joining the Foodex Iran Marketplace directly benefit my food production business?

Joining Foodex Iran provides you with immediate access to a dynamic platform designed to enhance interaction and collaboration within the food and beverage industry. Our marketplace boosts your business by improving supply chain efficiencies and product quality through innovative technologies and practices. You gain direct access to both local and global markets, ensuring your products reach broader audiences and supply chains.

Our marketplace utilizes cutting-edge digital technology that simplifies transactions and communications. This means you can manage your business dealings more efficiently, allowing for real-time updates and smoother operation, all of which are crucial for maintaining competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market.

 Absolutely. Each package—whether it’s the Starter, Expansion, or Leadership—is designed to match different business growth stages. From getting your business off the ground with the Starter Pack to expanding your market presence with the Expansion Pack, and ultimately maximizing your network and industry influence with the Leadership Pack, each option is tailored to propel your business forward effectively.

The Foodex Iran Marketplace is not just a trading area; it’s a vibrant community of industry professionals. By joining, you tap into a network of suppliers, distributors, and peers globally. We facilitate networking through various online and potentially in-person events, providing platforms that encourage collaborative opportunities and partnership formations.

The sign-up process is straightforward

Step 1: Complete the registration form and pay the registration fee to initiate your membership.

Step 2: Our team will then contact you to verify your information and discuss how we can assist your business specifically.

Step 3: Upon confirmation, you gain access to monthly insights and reports, which will guide your decision-making process and help track your progress within the marketplace

It’s all about eco-friendly eats and drinks. We’re pushing for practices that are good for the planet – think green farming, cutting down on waste, and smart use of resources. Plus, we’re all about getting the word out with green marketing moves.

We’re here to mix things up. By bringing in the latest tech and smarter ways of working, we aim to keep the Iranian food and beverage scene buzzing with new ideas. It’s about making our industry smarter, faster, and better.

Let’s team up. We believe in the power of working together – connecting businesses, academics, governments, and making friends across borders to solve the big food and drink challenges. It’s about building a network that benefits everyone.

Talk is key in our book. We’re creating spaces for businesses to chat, share, and grow together. From insightful content to workshops that spark ideas, we’re all about making connections that count in the Iranian food world.

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to what you eat. We’re on a mission to serve up all the info you need to make healthier choices and know more about your food’s journey from farm to fork.

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