Foodex Iran: Driving Sustainable Growth in Food and Beverage  

At Foodex Iran, our mission is clear: fast-track the food and beverage sector towards a greener, more sustainable future. How? Through smart innovation, global teamwork, and boosting what consumers know and care about.  
Our aim is to light the spark of creativity, making sure everyone can get their hands on the insights and opportunities that matter. We’re here to lead, offering up not just ideas, but solutions that last and make a real difference. Our commitment is to a food and beverage world that’s not just thriving, but also balanced and health-focused.  
We’re all about growing our reach, both at home and beyond borders, ensuring that our industry moves forward with the best in technology and sustainability practices. For professionals looking to make an impact, Foodex Iran is your platform for change.

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Foodex Iran's Vision: Shaping a Greener Future

Foodex Iran dreams big: we’re all about transforming the Iranian food and beverage scene into something truly sustainable. Imagine a place where everyone, from the folks who make your food to those who enjoy it, is on board with keeping our planet healthy. That’s what we’re building towards. 

Our goal? To ramp up everyone’s know-how on sustainable practices, making sure we all do our bit to boost the quality of life and keep our environment green. We want Foodex Iran to stand out as the go-to guide for making the Iranian food industry more innovative, more sustainable, and all-around better. 

We’re on a mission to make eating and drinking experiences not just enjoyable, but meaningful and good for the earth too. Join us in crafting a future where our meals make a positive impact

 ​​What We Stand For at Foodex Iran


It's all about eco-friendly eats and drinks. We’re pushing for practices that are good for the planet - think green farming, cutting down on waste, and smart use of resources. Plus, we’re all about getting the word out with green marketing moves.


We’re here to mix things up. By bringing in the latest tech and smarter ways of working, we aim to keep the Iranian food and beverage scene buzzing with new ideas. It’s about making our industry smarter, faster, and better.


Let’s team up. We believe in the power of working together - connecting businesses, academics, governments, and making friends across borders to solve the big food and drink challenges. It’s about building a network that benefits everyone.

Business Communication

Talk is key in our book. We’re creating spaces for businesses to chat, share, and grow together. From insightful content to workshops that spark ideas, we’re all about making connections that count in the Iranian food world

Consumer Awareness

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to what you eat. We’re on a mission to serve up all the info you need to make healthier choices and know more about your food’s journey from farm to fork.

The team Foodex Iran

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