Digital exhibition of Iran's food industry

Ready to revamp the way you connect with the food and beverage industry? Dive into Foodex Iran’s Digital Exhibition, your go-to hub for all things innovative and sustainable. This isn’t just any platform—it’s the place where industry leaders come together to forge a dynamic ecosystem that’s all about growth and sustainability.
At our digital expo, you’ll get the chance to exchange ideas, tap into the latest technologies, and spark creative solutions. We’re all about fostering both national and international partnerships that strengthen your business connections and expand your professional network.
Join us at Foodex Iran and be part of a community of forward-thinkers who are not only driving their businesses forward but are also making significant impacts on society and the environment. Let’s push the boundaries of the food and beverage industry together and make a lasting difference. It’s your opportunity to shine in the global marketplace

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Boundless Global Access

Access global opportunities without time or location limits

Digital Space, Real Experience

Get the full expo vibe through our efficient digital platform

Accelerating Business Success

Fast-track your growth by leveraging the latest industry trends and innovations

Expanding Networks, Locally & Globally

Build valuable local and international connections to propel your business

Registration conditions

Unlock Your Brand’s Potential: Get Verified and Seize Global Business Opportunities

Complete The Form and Pre-Register

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Connect with the Foodex Iran Team

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Access Monthly Insights and Reports

Gain access to essential data from your brand profile and receive monthly reports that keep you informed and ahead


Package of leaders of Iran's food and beverage industry

"Industry Leaders" is a special package for the top brands of food and beverage products, designed and implemented with the aim of strengthening and expanding international cooperation. This package not only introduces you as a reliable brand in Iran's food and beverage industry in the digital exhibition, but also allows you to open doors to new markets and unique business opportunities through a wide B2B network.

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Frequently  Asked Questions

How do I sign up my brand for Foodex Iran's digital exhibition

Just fill out the registration form with your brand details and pay the fee. After that, our team will be in touch to confirm your info and get you all set up.

Brands sporting a blue tick gain special access to international markets and better visibility in search results, boosting trustworthiness. Plus, you’ll get monthly reports and market insights delivered right to you.

Our digital expo is the place to swap knowledge and the latest tech with both local and international peers, broadening your business horizons and opening up new commercial opportunities.

Currently, the opportunities offered to access new markets, increase business visibility, and improve international communication and participation in the digital exhibition of Iran’s food and beverage industry are free of charge.

By signing up, you’ll gain access to a global audience through webinars, virtual meetings, and promotional opportunities, letting you showcase your products and services worldwide.

No worries here! Foodex Iran’s tech support team is always on call to help with any issues, ensuring your digital profile runs smoothly throughout the event.

It’s all about eco-friendly eats and drinks. We’re pushing for practices that are good for the planet – think green farming, cutting down on waste, and smart use of resources. Plus, we’re all about getting the word out with green marketing moves.

We’re here to mix things up. By bringing in the latest tech and smarter ways of working, we aim to keep the Iranian food and beverage scene buzzing with new ideas. It’s about making our industry smarter, faster, and better.

Let’s team up. We believe in the power of working together – connecting businesses, academics, governments, and making friends across borders to solve the big food and drink challenges. It’s about building a network that benefits everyone.

Talk is key in our book. We’re creating spaces for businesses to chat, share, and grow together. From insightful content to workshops that spark ideas, we’re all about making connections that count in the Iranian food world.

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to what you eat. We’re on a mission to serve up all the info you need to make healthier choices and know more about your food’s journey from farm to fork.

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