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The rules and regulations of the Foodex site are set based on respecting the rights of users so that we can provide you with the best services in the Foodex collection and you can make the best use of useful information and up-to-date and practical contents of our collection.

Foodex Group operates according to the rules and regulations and is committed to providing the best services to its users and at the same time is responsible for the safety of its users. At the same time, Foodex Group has not published any personal information or personal opinions of users under any circumstances, and access to all this information is completely limited and exclusively at the disposal of Foodex Group.

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In addition, the Foodex site is constantly updating, improving the site’s condition, producing and creating attractive and useful content, for this reason, the contents of the site are constantly updated and all the suggestions of users, if it is possible to implement, based on a specific schedule. They are downloaded on the site. At the same time, the collection does not accept responsibility for the correctness of the content that other sites linked.

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All the information and contents published on the Foodex website are based on the latest information from the best and most reliable sources. At the same time, dear users should know that Foodex will not accept responsibility for the correctness of the content at any moment, being in sync with the current conditions, the validity of the content in case of changes or providing new scientific information or more up-to-date tests on possible errors.Also, this group will not be responsible for any text or image advertisements, linking other sites to Foodex and similar things. In addition, Foodex has completely disclaimed responsibility for any possible and sudden problem, any possible damage or additional cost regarding the preparation of food. In this way, the responsibility of using all the instructions of the site, such as allergies to some food ingredients, etc., will be completely on the person.

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