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“Cheese, a Manifestation of Diversity and Authenticity Worldwide and in the Iranian Food Basket”

Cheese, as a dairy product with a deep history, plays a crucial role in the diversity of the food basket. This delicious product, rich in protein and calcium, enhances family meals with diverse flavors and higher nutritional value. In this article, we delve into the importance of cheese and its diversity, both globally and in the Iranian food basket.

Cheese, as a symbol of authenticity in global cuisines, is present in various forms worldwide and is recognized as a significant food source. In the Iranian food basket, cheese holds a prominent position as one of the essential dairy products. The Calin Cheese brand, offering quality and diverse products, improves the delightful and healthy experience for Iranian consumers, playing an unparalleled role in nutrition and well-being.

History of Cheese Worldwide

Cheese, a symbol of authenticity and diversity in global cuisines, has a rich history that dates back to the early ages as a method of preserving the fluctuations of milk obtained from animals. This product, considered both an art and science in the production of essential food items, is not only prevalent in the Western world but is also scattered across the globe in various types and flavors.

The diversity of cheeses in terms of composition, color, and taste is a result of the influence of different cultures and regions, turning its production process into a respected art. Cheese is not only regarded as a fundamental component in the global food basket but also as a valuable nutritional property rich in protein and calcium, contributing significantly to the diversity of food and enhancing the nutritional value of family meals.

As a symbol, cheese has taken on an essence of authenticity and diversity in the food baskets of various societies and cultures, spanning its history from the past to the present.

Diversity of Cheese in the Iranian Food Basket

In Iran, cheese is recognized as a fundamental and essential item in the food basket, and various high-quality cheeses have entered the market under the brand “Calin Cheese Warehouse.” These products, adhering to high-quality standards and focusing on consumer health, have added diversity to dairy products in Iran. The diverse selection of these cheeses, ranging from natural cheeses to creamy and sliced varieties, provides consumers with the opportunity to experience different flavors and delightful options.

Emphasizing quality and diversity, Calin Cheese Warehouse is acknowledged as a popular brand in the Iranian dairy market. By introducing various unique and high-quality cheeses, this production unit has contributed to increasing diversity in the Iranian food basket. It plays a significant role in supplying quality dairy products to the Iranian market.

The Importance of Cheese in Health and Nutrition

Cheese, as a vital nutritional component, plays a crucial role in maintaining health and enhancing human nutrition. This dairy product is a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, including calcium, which is essential for bone strength and supporting the healthy growth of children.

Due to its high-quality protein content, cheese contributes to strengthening the body’s immune system and provides the necessary energy for daily activities. The vitamins and minerals present in cheese are not only crucial for bone health but also play a fundamental role in maintaining the health of the skin, hair, and other bodily functions.

The variety of cheese types, from soft and creamy cheeses to smoked and sharp ones, enhances consumers’ taste experiences, guiding them towards an adventurous journey in a diverse and delicious world of flavors and tastes. This diversity allows consumers to enjoy all the nutritional benefits of cheese and have wonderful culinary experiences.

Anbar Panir Brand

The Anbar Panir brand, as a valuable part of the Calin family, has found its place in the Iranian consumer market by focusing on the quality and diversity of its products. Offering high-quality cheese products and actively engaging with customers has transformed this brand into a prominent choice in the families’ food baskets.


Calin, originally known as “Darin Powder,” shines in the Iranian dairy industry. Since 2001, this brand has made continuous efforts to produce high-quality dairy products and has been introduced to the market under the name “Calin Dairy.” It utilizes the latest technical knowledge and adheres to international standards to ensure the quality and health of its products.

The “Calin” brand has always kept up with developments in the dairy industry and increased its technical knowledge. It has successfully added diverse products to the Iranian market, including cheese, cream, butter, and various food powders.

Recognized as a pioneer in the dairy industry in Iran, “Calin” is always striving to enhance and innovate in the production of top-quality products. The brand emphasizes the continuous effort to improve quality and offer diverse options to consumers.

“Calin,” with its Kurdish name meaning “a young girl with fair hair and a bright face,” has an extensive presence in 22 provinces and 347 cities across the country. With 213 diverse products offered domestically and internationally, the brand takes pride in the variety of its products and services.

“Calin” not only cares about the health of its customers but also, with a commitment to life’s flavors and the provision of high-quality products, makes life refreshing and different for its consumers. This article explores the importance of cheese in the global food basket and the impact of this product on the diversity of Iranian cuisine, highlighting the role of the “Calin” brand in improving the quality and expanding the variety of cheese products.

“Calin” products include processed and natural cheeses, pizza and topping cheeses, breakfast cheeses, cream, butter, and cheese powder. These products are readily available through reputable online stores or chain stores nationwide.

Achievements and Activities of Calin Brand in 1401 (2022-2023)

In 1401 (2022-2023), the Calin brand achieved remarkable milestones with the introduction of two new products to the market, the opening of the Anbar Paneer store in the A.S.P. complex in Tehran, and the successful “Mozzarella Campaign.” These achievements included the launch of Pesto cheeses with unique flavors, the opening of the Anbar Paneer store featuring exclusive products, and the

Mozzarella Campaign for the introduction of new cheeses to the city and digital platforms.

In the digital marketing domain, the Mozzarella Campaign, featuring celebrities and various billboards across the city, proved to be an effective advertisement for Calin’s new products. In terms of production, the introduction of Smoked Cheese with a charcoal-like appearance to the market demonstrated the brand’s innovation and creativity.

The year 1400(2022) reflected Calin’s commitment to producing diverse and high-quality products using innovative methods, highlighting the positive growth and development of this brand in the dairy industry in Iran.

On Cheese Lovers’ Day, a specialized pizza-baking workshop was organized. This workshop provided an exciting opportunity for cooking enthusiasts to learn the necessary skills for pizza making using Calin’s products and to enjoy a creative and different culinary experience.

Moreover, by organizing various workshops and educational classes, Calin’s brand demonstrated its special focus on enhancing people’s knowledge and skills in the field of culinary arts, in addition to producing high-quality dairy products.

The diverse activities, such as pizza baking workshops, showcase Calin’s broad scope and extensive vision in providing services to customers and local communities, enhancing its attractiveness and engagement with a wider audience.

Quotes from Mr. Hesam Yazd, Marketing and Digital Marketing Manager of Calin Brand

“Calin brand is recognized as elite in the field of producing quality dairy products and innovation. Our main goal in the marketing department is to achieve product diversity, especially in the cheese category, to meet the diverse expectations of our audience.”

“The ability to operate in various segments and stay updated in the digital world and marketing is of great importance. By focusing on the latest methods and using various channels, we have been able to maintain our position in the dynamic market.”

“Our focus is on providing content and quality. From diversity in music and video to organically sharing our content, we strive to create an unparalleled experience for our audience.”

“Our marketing team consists of highly creative individuals with expertise in ideation, design, and digital marketing. From the latest platforms and technologies to creating diverse campaigns, all with the goal of capturing the audience’s attention and establishing a closer connection with them”

“Diversity in our campaigns, especially in content related to cheese and the variety of different cheese styles in the product basket, is of special importance. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience to our audience by combining business intelligence and creativity.”

These statements reflect Calin’s brand attention to various innovations in the digital world, a focus on quality and product diversity, and the use of up-to-date tools and technologies in the marketing process.

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