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Boost Your Brand Online: Insights from Alis’ Digital Marketing Success

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for food and beverage brands. The fierce competition and rapid shifts in consumer behavior demand innovative digital strategies. From high-quality content creation and SEO to social media management and data analysis, these tools are essential for brand success.

Alis has mastered the art of digital marketing, establishing a powerful online presence with remarkable results. We sat down with Hossein Bigam, Alis’ Digital Marketing Manager, to delve into their growth and successful strategies. With over a decade of experience, Hossein shared valuable insights into Alis’ digital marketing processes. Here’s what we learned:

Interview with Hossein Bigam, Digital Marketing Manager at Alis

Foodex: We visited the Alis booth at the Agrofood exhibition and had the chance to chat with Hossein Bigam, the Digital Marketing Manager. Hossein, can you tell us about your journey with Alis?

Hossein Bigam: Sure! I first connected with Alis back in 2012 to design their website. At the time, we were using, and after considerable effort, we secured the domain Since then, my journey with Alis has been ongoing, striving to leverage cutting-edge technology and up-to-date strategies to showcase the brand digitally.

Foodex: What activities are you focusing on in Alis’ digital marketing department?

Hossein Bigam: At Alis, our digital marketing efforts are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the field. This includes:

Content Creation: Producing high-quality, valuable content for the Alis website and blog, such as expert articles, videos, and infographics.

SEO: Optimizing our website for search engines with advanced SEO techniques and thorough keyword analysis.

Online Advertising: Running ad campaigns across various platforms like Google, Instagram, and Telegram.

Data Analysis: Utilizing data analysis tools to study user behavior, exit rates, and conversion paths.

Social Media Management: Actively managing Alis’ social media accounts and engaging with users.

Customer Engagement: Responding to customer queries and feedback through multiple channels to enhance user experience.

Foodex: We saw a LinkedIn post mentioning Alis surpassed half a million monthly visits. Can you tell us more about this achievement and why SEO became a priority?

Hossein Bigam: Yes, we recently crossed the half-million monthly visits mark, which is a significant milestone for us. SEO has always been important, but we saw a spike in user interest for more information about beverages. This led us to focus more seriously on SEO. Our main goal with SEO is to implement the saturation technique, which involves creating extensive, high-quality content across platforms, using long-tail keywords, and detailed query analysis to attract maximum audience engagement.

Quality content and site optimization not only boost our visitor numbers but also build trust in the Alis brand, leading to increased sales and interactions. Detailed data analysis and query review help us identify and deliver the content our users seek, driving higher conversions.

Proudly, I can share the results of our digital marketing team’s hard work. Our site,, has surpassed half a million visits, reaching 598,000 clicks and 9.6 million impressions last month. These achievements are thanks to the relentless efforts of Mohammad Afshar, Maliheh Sarvari, and the entire digital marketing team at Alis.

Foodex: Fantastic! Hossein, thanks for sharing your time and valuable insights. We wish Alis continued success.

Hossein Bigam: Thank you, and I appreciate the Foodex team’s support. We look forward to more success and satisfying our users even further.

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