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Chairman of Damavand

In today’s fast-paced world, the food and beverage industry is more than just a cornerstone of daily life—it’s pivotal in enhancing our health and overall quality of life. At the forefront, leading brands are tapping into their deep wells of expertise to bring top-notch products that not only satisfy but also propel the industry forward.

Meet Farhad Basharat: A Visionary in the Beverage Industry

Join Farhad Basharat, Chairman of Damavand Mineral Water, in a captivating video report where he explores crucial industry trends, personal milestones, and ambitious future plans. Farhad’s passion for the growth of the beverage sector in Iran shines through as he discusses how his dedication has powered his journey and operations in the industry.

Farhad’s story starts with his entry into the Iranian beverage market, driven by determination and a strong will. He highlights the critical role of the mineral water industry in providing clean, high-quality water essential for human life. His experiences working with top international brands reveal how these collaborations have helped raise standards and improve product quality in the beverage sector.

One of Farhad’s major goals is to establish a national water association in Iran, aiming to significantly enhance industry standards and conditions—a testament to his long-term vision and commitment.

A Deeper Dive with Farhad Basharat

We invite you to watch this valuable video to gain insights from Farhad’s perspectives and experiences, which are drawing new horizons in Iran’s beverage and mineral water industry.


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