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Oil ; Historical Secret

 Oil, one of the fundamental elements in human history, has played a significant role in shaping cultures and everyday life. This article seeks to explore the transition from traditional oils to industrial oils, the impacts that these precious liquids have had on global societies, and the evolution and development of the oil industry from the past to the present.

The history of oil began with the use of traditional oils such as olive oil, almond oil, and saffron in ancient times. However, with technological and industrial advancements in the middle Ages, industrial oils such as mineral oils and plant-based green oils gradually replaced traditional ones. This transition brought about remarkable changes in the production, usage, and value of oil.

Oil, as a vital life element, has significantly influenced cultures and the daily lives of humans. From culinary uses to cosmetic and health-related formulations, oil has found a special place in global societies.

Development of the Oil Industry from the Past to the Present

The oil industry, from ancient times to the present, has undergone fascinating transformations, especially with technological advancements. Improved formulations in the production and use of oil, along with market expansion and increased product diversity, signify the dynamism of this industry.

From ancient times to today, the concept and usage of oil have undergone remarkable changes. The use of oil as a source of energy, therapeutic agent, and even in hygiene has been influenced by cultural and social variables in different societies.

Types of Oils

Oils, key components in our diet and health, come in various types, each with its own characteristics and specific uses. In this section, the qualities and fundamental differences between plant-based and animal-based oils are examined so that readers can make better choices in cooking and maintaining health. This comprehensive analysis delves into the distinctions among different types of oils, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each group. From plant oils with diverse compositions and health benefits to animal oils with various fatty acids, each type possesses its own unique characteristics and applications.

Formulation of Oil Production: A Scientific Perspective on the Production Process and its Compounds

 Oil production is a complex process that begins with the selection of plant-based or animal-based raw materials and continues through stages of extraction, purification, and packaging. This research delves into a detailed examination of these stages and the impact of different oil compounds on their final properties.

Firstly, the selection of plant-based or animal-based raw materials used in oil production is scrutinized. Subsequently, the extraction stages, utilizing advanced and up-to-date technologies, are presented. Oil purification to remove additional components and enhance the final quality is also discussed. Finally, precise and standardized packaging is highlighted as a crucial stage in preserving product quality and ensuring long-term viability.

Golnaz vegetable oil refinery

With over sixty years of experience in the vegetable oil industry, the Golnaz Vegetable Oil Company stands as a pioneer in this field in Iran. This article provides readers with comprehensive information by reviewing the company’s history and then analyzing its products and achievements.

Established in 1961 in Kerman, Golnaz has been dedicated to producing high-quality petroleum products and diverse packaging, relying on the latest global equipment and technologies. The company’s focus on product quality and the utilization of advanced technologies has transformed it into a leader in the vegetable oil sector in Iran. In 2013, the company’s production capacity increased to 380,000 tons per year, indicating its sustained growth.

Golnaz is involved in the production of various edible plant oils, pasteurized butter, margarine, and specialty oils. Prominent among its products are edible plant oils such as partially hydrogenated oil, liquid canola oil, and refined semi-solid oil. Additionally, consumer choices include pasteurized butter and margarine.

Quotes from Alireza Ostad Hosseyni, Advisor to the CEO of Golnaz Brand

Mr. Alireza Ostad Hosseyni, with over 18 years of experience in the vegetable oil industry, serves as the advisor to the CEO of Golnaz Vegetable Oil Company, making him a prominent figure in this field. Regarding the history of Golnaz, he mentioned that the company started its initial phase in 1961 and by 1970; it became operational with a settling and packaging capacity of 150 tons per day.

Mr. Hosseyni went on to discuss the successes and future outlook of Golnaz. Until 2009, Golnaz was recognized as the largest exporter of vegetable oil in Iran and the second-largest production factory in the industry. Popular brands such as “Qatre,” “Golbo,” and “Irana” were associated with the company.

He recalled the unfortunate fire incident in 2015, stating that it led to financial difficulties and export restrictions. However, with a change in ownership in 2020 and fundamental changes in equipment and production processes, Golnaz re-entered the market with new strategies and short- and long-term planning, reinforcing its position.

Regarding consumer health, Mr. Hosseyni proudly stated that Golnaz products are produced based on market needs, and they are used in the production of dry milk. He emphasized that the health of products is the company’s top priority, and its equipment is up-to-date, adhering to global standards.

Furthermore, Mr. Hosseyni highlighted the unique characteristics of palm oil, stating that its molecular structure makes it resistant to heat, and it is noticeable in some food products. He shared important points about the use of oils based on specific standards and the importance of accurate information in marketing, hoping that this information will help improve consumer awareness and product selection.

Operating under the Golnaz brand, the Golnaz Vegetable Oil Company is the main representative. Subsidiary names such as Golnar, Ghatreh, and Royal Gold can be found on some products. These brands are well-known, trusted, and of high quality, gaining consumer confidence.

Golnaz Vegetable Oil Company, due to its adherence to reputable standards and certifications, has successfully provided customers with quality and hygienic products. Domestic standard certifications and the Red Apple Health Seal from the Food and Drug Organization demonstrate the company’s progress and commitment to international standards.

In summary, with a long history, brilliant experience, and a commitment to quality, Golnaz Vegetable Oil Company has become a leader in the vegetable oil industry in Iran. The company’s diverse products, under the Golnaz brand and its subsidiaries, offer various options for consumers. Sustainable development and ethical business practices, coupled with customer-centricity, have elevated the company to a prominent position in the global vegetable oil market.

Various compounds in oils have diverse effects on their final properties. This research extensively explores important compounds, including fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, analyzing how they impact health.

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