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Aujan Iranian Company is a private joint stock company that started its activities in Tehran in 2005. Adel Aujan, the owner of this factory, is one of the wealthiest people in Saudi Arabia; he used to export his products to Iran before but now has launched his own production line. The main product of this company is Rani fruit juice, which is the product of Rani Refreshment Company. Coca-Cola and Aujan have formed a joint venture under its license to generate over $120 million in annual revenue. The leading brand of Aujan Iranian Company is Rani Company. Aujan’s production unit is an advanced company with an area of 56,000 square meters and 210 employees. Annually, over one billion beverages are prepared, produced, and offered in aluminum cans and glass bottles on this company’s three advanced production lines. The head office of the Rani company has 130 employees who cooperate in distributing these products across Iran. Importing Aujan Iranian products started in 2005, and after opening its new factory in 2008, in Kaveh Industrial Town had significant growth and progress domestically.

Aujan Holding, as a multi-industry institution, is actively involved in various economic sectors. The holding encompasses diverse segments such as hotel management, mass construction, packaging industries, investment, and more. This diversity in activities stems from Aujan Holding’s commitment to being a pioneer in the development and growth across different economic domains.

Goals and Vision

Goals and vision guide achieving Aujan brand characteristics along its growth and development path. These goals are:

Focus on FMCG: Launching an operating company in the FMCG sector emphasizing manufacturing quality and appealing products.

Diversity in Investment: Creating a complementary investment company with full coverage across all asset classes, from equities and fixed income to real estate, technology, and private equity.

Progress in Diverse Markets: Active presence across various markets, including FMCG, technology, real estate, and private equity.

Leveraging Local Expertise: Tapping into extensive regional beverage market experience and expertise.

Strong Returns for Shareholders: Delivering sustainable and dependable returns to shareholders through the investment company.


Aspiring to become a prominent and trusted brand within the consumer industry with an emphasis on:

Excellent Returns: Generating excellent returns across different markets, especially within beverages.

Quality Products: Offering quality and appealing products focusing on production capabilities.

Financial Sustainability: Maintaining financial stability and continuous growth over time.

International Partnerships: Fostering fruitful collaborations with international partners across various areas.

Technology Advancement: Updating and harnessing innovative technologies across manufacturing and management processes.

Aujan Iranian Industries Products

There are several types of Rani fruit juices included in Aujan Iranian products. A list of Rani products is as follows:Rani Fruit Juices

Various Rani fruit juices containing fruit pieces in two sizes, 180 and 240 ml, in newly designed aluminum cans are produced and offered. These product flavors are:

  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Peach
  • Mango
  • Cocktail including pineapple, peach, Mango, and orange pieces

Rani Double Piece

Rani Double Piece, with double the fruit pieces in 180 and 240 ml sizes in newly designed aluminum cans, are produced and offered. These product flavors are:

  • Orange Double Piece
  • Peach Double Piece
  • Pineapple Double Piece

Rani Fruit Drink

Rani fruit drink is produced and offered in 200 ml glass bottles in three flavors:

  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Orange

Aujan Iranian Industries Services

There are three types of services offered by Aujan Iranian Industries on the Rani company’s website:

  • Cooperation with Rani Company
  • Receiving Rani dealership
  • Purchasing Rani products (store and dealership)

Aujan Iranian Industries agencies under the name of Rani Company dealership are active in all provinces of the country. To receive any of the above services at Rani Company, you can fill out the wanted information on Rani Company’s website. In any of the above cases, you can contact Rani Company consultants if you have any questions.

Aujan Iranian Industries Contact Information

For more information about Aujan Iranian Industries, please contact:

  • Aujan Iranian Industries head office address: 6th floor, Kian Tower, after Zafar, Valiasr Street, Tehran.
  • Head office phone: 02188645298-02188645295-02188645292
  • Head office fax number: 02188878972
  • Factory address: South Azadegan Street, Kaveh Industrial Town, Saveh, Markazi Province.
  • Factory phone: 08642344964 -08642344963
  • Factory fax number: 08642344414
  • Aujan Iranian Industries website:
  • Rani Company website:
  • Rani Company Instagram:
  • Aujan Iranian Industries email address: [email protected]

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