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Damavand Mineral Water Company is the pioneer and founder of the bottled water industry in Iran, starting its activity in 1973 through the French company Perrier. Building on this foundation, the company furthered its collaboration in 1998 by teaming up with the French company Castle under the Vichy brand. In 2009, the majority of Damavand’s shares were purchased by the French company Danone, one of the leaders in the food industry, and this partnership lasted for 12 years. Damavand also partnered with the French company Ferminvest around December 2021.

In recent years, Damavand has utilized the latest bottled water production lines with the world’s most advanced technology to produce its products. With three production lines from France, Germany, and the US, spanning 66 thousand square meters and 22 thousand square meters of production space, Damavand factory is one of the largest and most modern bottled water production plants in the country and the largest production unit in the city of Damavand and east of Tehran province.

Alireza Azad, CEO of Damavand Company: “The technology and knowledge used in Damavand’s production line is based on research conducted by various French partners who were company shareholders for many years. Damavand Company has also taken advantage of this opportunity and kept itself technologically up-to-date to produce sound, quality, safe, and healthy products.
The reason for choosing Damavand to build the factory was that the Damavand mineral water spring is one of Tehran province’s ancient and well-established springs. It also has a suitable location in terms of geography and access to main roads and the capital. The composition and salts of its water are also similar to the world’s famous spring waters.
The most essential factor that appeals to me at Damavand Company and has kept me engaged here for around 25 years is that Damavand has always been a pioneer in the production of mineral water and due to the intelligence and wisdom in choosing first-class global partners, it has kept pace with world technology. This was done with the participation of all colleagues, from the water source department to processing and filtration, production, and packaging. This whole set is an incentive for us who always want to be up to date.”

  • FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System certified by SGS Switzerland
  • A grade from the Food Safety Supervision Department of Shahid Beheshti University for observing PRP health requirements in production in 2021 and 2022
  • A (Green) grade for following GLP laboratory management requirements from Avian Laboratory France
  • A grade for Proficiency Testing (PT) in analysis from Turkak Laboratory Turkey
  • Halal certificate from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Food Safety Department of the Halal Research Center of Iran
  • First certified clean water source approved by the Water Quality Technology Institute at Shahid Beheshti University Incubator “FOKA”
  • Quality Management System Certification 2018: ISO 9001
  • Food Safety Management System Certification 2015: ISO 22000
  • Environmental Protection System Certification 2004: ISO 14001
  • Golden Statue for Favorite Brand for 2014-2017-2018-2019
  • Golden Statue at the 1st Food Industry and Standards Seminar in 2011
  • Sponsor of “Kidneys for Life” seminar on World Kidney Day 2013
  • Sponsor of “Kidney Diseases and the Elderly” seminar on World Kidney Day 2013
  • Golden Statue for Favorite Brand from the Consumer & Producer Protection Organization in the bottled water group
  • Consumer Rights Support Award for activities in 2014
  • Participation in the Water Resource Policymakers’ Seminar on Food Security and Sustainable Governance in 2015
  • Participation in the specialized seminar “The Role of Nutrition & Exercise on Kidney & Transplant Patients” on World Kidney Day

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