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CEO of Damavand Mineral Water

The Journey of Water from Clouds to Bottled Packaging


The story you are about to read traces the journey of a drop of water from the peak of Mount Damavand to the depths of the Earth and its return to Damavand water bottles. This profound journey delivers freshness and vitality to the consumer. After reading this, you’ll have a fundamental understanding of bottled water consumption. Today, bottled water is ubiquitous. With industrial progress and the evolution of social needs, the consumption of bottled water has increased. Many consumers in Iran and other countries find the taste and smell of tap water unsatisfactory and prefer hygienic bottled water.


Ever wondered about the history of bottled water in Iran? Which company first produced bottled water? Have you questioned whether sourcing water from springs is the best option, or which is superior: drinking water or mineral water? Are the minerals in mineral water beneficial for our health? We invite you to join us at Foodex Iran to discover the history of bottled water consumption in Iran, the initial thoughts and ideas, and how Damavand Waters currently produces and bottles water.


Water and Related Health Issues


Three thousand years ago, the Earth’s population was smaller, leading to minimal human-caused pollution. Nature effortlessly purified and cleansed these pollutants, ensuring that surface and underground freshwater resources like rivers and springs were free from impurities and pollution. Despite population growth, most of Earth’s inhabitants had relatively good access to safe water. Ancient cities discovered in Iran even had advanced underground water transfer systems, highlighting the importance of safe and healthy water transfer.


When Was The Need For Production Of Hygienic Bottled Water Felt?


The need for hygienic bottled water became more pronounced over time. With advancements in the packaging industry in the United States and Europe, Damavand Waters, in collaboration with the renowned French company Perrier, introduced the first series of water packaging machines in PVC plastic bottles to Iran in the early 1970s. This venture marked the beginning of an industrial line for producing hygienic natural mineral water in Iran. The production of these products began with Damavand’s innovation, utilizing the contemporary technology of that era.


Establishment of Damavand Waters as the Pioneer of Bottled Water in Iran


Damavand Waters, the pioneer and first industrial-scale producer of bottled mineral water in Iran, has utilized state-of-the-art global technology since its establishment in 1973 by the French company Perrier. Identifying an aquifer with appropriate minerals and unique quality was paramount for setting up the factory. After analyzing numerous underground water aquifer samples, Perrier experts selected the aquifer beneath the Aala Springs of Damavand as the optimal location.


Our team from Foodex Iran journeyed through the picturesque city of Damavand in Tehran province to reach the Damavand factory in the pristine area of Sarhaar near Mount Takht-e Kamar. We were intrigued to hear the brand’s story and its challenges directly from the CEO of Damavand Waters, Mr Ali Reza Azad. Here, we share our experience alongside a video interview.


We eagerly anticipated our visit to the Damavand production line. After filling out health questionnaires and being briefed about the safety risks, we adhered to stringent hygiene protocols, wearing safety gear provided by the factory. On entering, our hands were sterilized, and our shoes were automatically cleaned. The adherence to health and safety standards during our factory visit was commendable. Inside the production area, the magic of water came to life.


Staff in specialized attire diligently worked in different sections of the production hall, adhering to safety and hygiene protocols. Damavand houses two production halls equipped with cutting-edge European and American machinery. One hall features two automated production lines from France’s renowned Sidel Company, operating without human intervention. The other hall boasts an advanced Krones production line from Germany, captivating every visitor.


Hygiene in Damavand’s Production Process


Damavand’s production manager elucidated how hygiene standards and food safety measures are maintained across different sections. The Medium Care hall is where preforms are manufactured. PET granules transform into the initial bottle shape here. At Damavand, these preforms are produced and simultaneously utilized in the bottling line, emphasizing quality and hygiene.


The High Care hall, housing the bottle-making, filling, and capping machine, is off-limits to unauthorized personnel. All processes are entirely automated, ensuring minimal human intervention. Advanced filtration technology keeps the air pure, preventing any contamination.


Secondary packaging takes place in the Low Care hall, where sealed bottles are packed without food safety risks.


Damavand Waters’ Equipped Laboratory


We also visited Damavand’s state-of-the-art laboratory, which is built based on the 17025 standard. The lab boasts four hygienic sections: chemical, microbial, physical, and organoleptic. This 24-hour lab, reminiscent of prominent European labs, works hand in hand with the production lines, executing rigorous quality assessments related to food safety.


We asked the lab manager about their considerable investment in this infrastructure. His response was clear: “How can a company that can’t test and vouch for its product standards guarantee consumer health?”


Our tour concluded with a heartwarming conversation with Mr. Azad, CEO of Damavand Waters. He recounted his nearly 25-year journey with the company. We invite you to watch the interview video for a deeper insight into Damavand Waters.


Words from Mr. Azad, CEO of Damavand Waters


Through collaborations with global beverage and water corporations, and leveraging advanced scientific knowledge, Damavand has cemented its reputation with 50 years of distinguished service. Global alliances with beverage giants like Perrier (now Nestle), the Castel Group with the Vichi and Crystalline brands in Europe, and French company Danone, underline the quality of Damavand’s mineral water.


At Foodex Iran, supporting and assisting food and beverage specialists is paramount. Recognizing water as a fundamental need, we inaugurated a section dedicated to industry experts, choosing Damavand Waters as our inaugural subject. This journey was enlightening, and we gleaned valuable insights from seasoned professionals. We invite you to join us in this enlightening experience by watching our interview with Mr. Ali Reza Azad, the esteemed CEO of Damavand Waters.


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