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Solico Group Companies is one of the largest and most well-known food producers in Iran. Mr. Gholamali Soleimani founded the group, and over the years, by expanding its activities in meat, dairy, ice cream, and beverage products, he has sought to improve the health and nutrition cycle in the country and provide the best products to Iranians. Mr. Soleimani, a mathematics graduate from Shahid Beheshti University, started his activities in the 1970s by distributing meat products and gradually became the largest food producer in Iran.

Solico Group Companies History

In 1978, Mr. Gholamali Soleimani, Solico Group owner or founder, started producing hamburgers in the basement of the company and gradually was able to expand meat production. Tehran Meat Facilities Company (Solico) started operating and, in 1981, moved to Ahmadabad Mostofi. The company’s main activity was initially hamburger production. In 1983, Amol Meat Products Company was established, and by focusing on quality and superior products, it quickly gained the trust of consumers and supervisory bodies. The company’s products were welcomed not only in Iran but also in other countries in the region. Thus, under the leadership of Mr. Gholamali Soleimani, Solico Group developed and became one of the largest food producers in Iran.

Solico Group Expanding Production

In 1991, Gholamali Soleimani, the founder of Solico Group, established Kalah Dairy Products Company in Amol to start producing quality and varied dairy products. This company then led to the establishment of Aris Ice Cream Company. In 2013, with the establishment of Baharan Gol in Karaj, ice cream production also increased. This development reflects Gholamali Soleimani’s thinking and approach to improving and diversifying Solico Group’s production.

Development Of Solico Group

  • In 2005, Solico Group Company added sauce production by establishing the Kuchin Company. This company separated the sauce production sector from Kalah Dairy and offered products with diverse flavors under the Kalah and Kuchin brands.
  • In 2009, the Iran Bartar Company was established and started the production of non-alcoholic beer and various beverages in the Solico Group. In 2013, this company changed its name to Castle Nosh and produced barley juice, malt cola, carbonated juices, and other diverse products.
  • Also in 2013, Kalah Tehran dairy factory was added to Solico Group’s dairy companies and started producing long-life milk products. This development indicates the diversity and expansion of Solico Group’s products to improve consumer services.
  • With the expansion of its production, Solico Group created a direct distribution system for its products to 31 regions of Iran and, in 2011, established Bani Chav company to provide professional distribution services. This company has about 3,000 active personnel throughout the country. Solico Group also exports its products to the regional and global markets, especially Iraq.
  • Regarding development, proper personnel training and coordination of subsidiary companies’ management are among Solico Group’s essential goals.

Solico at a Glance

Solico Group is one of the leading producers of food and beverage products in the Middle East region. This group has 14 different production factories across Iran and manufactures a wide variety of products. It also has commercial offices in over 30 countries and is dedicated to exporting its products to different countries. With over 15,000 active human resources in the country, Solico is one of the largest private entities in Iran, with over $1 billion in annual sales. This group produces over 1,800 product categories and processes over 2,500 tons of milk daily. Solico Group is also the top exporter in Iran and the region, benefitting from direct distribution of its products through its fleet. This group has achieved numerous successes, including being selected as the top exporter for 6 consecutive years. Implementing an ERP system across the group is also among its latest measures.

Solico Group Awards and Honors

Over the years, Solico Group Companies has become renowned as a leading producer of food and beverage products in the Middle East region. It has been granted numerous awards, honors, and certificates, three of which are:

  • Top Exporter Award: Solico has been introduced and selected as the top exporter in Iran and the region, indicating its capability to export products to foreign markets and elevate product quality.
  • Standard Certificate: Solico utilizes international quality and safety standards in its production, demonstrating its commitment to providing consumers with quality, safe products.
  • Best Manufacturing Company Award: Solico has been recognized as the best manufacturing company for food and beverage production in the Middle East, reflecting its continuous efforts to improve and expand production.

Solico Group Careers

If you are also interested in working at Solico Group and consider yourself eligible, please submit your request through the form below.

  • Iran Talent: https://www.irantalent.com
  • Email: [email protected]
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/solico-group

Solico Group Contact Information

  • Solico Group Adresses:

Tehran: No. 103, East Azarbayjan St

Erbil: Hoger, South Industrial Zone, Erbil, Kurdistan

Baghdad: College Square, Jadriya, Baghdad, Iraq UAE Head Office – 3302 Unit, Plot 3, Business Center, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

  • Solico Group Email:

[email protected]

  • Solico Group Phone Number:


  • Solico Group Social Media:

Solico Group LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/solico-group

Solico Group Twitter: https://twitter.com/solicogroup

Solico Group Aparat: https://www.aparat.com/solicogroup

  • Solico Group Website:


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