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Technology has flowed like a roaring wave in people’s daily life. A wave that has made lives undergo great changes. In the meantime, people’s interests, tastes, hobbies and lifestyles have changed, the general public welcomes methods based on technology and digitization. These days, regardless of age, most people are interested in using are one of the services that are upgraded along with technology. In this regard, after every production, the most important factor of how to supply and introduce to the consumer has been influential in the success or failure of a business.

Therefore, the use of technological achievements and the creation of innovation in traditional businesses will become a necessity for the survival of businesses in the near future. So, it is better to choose to make the most of technology to advance our goals before it becomes inevitable. Our proposal to industrialists active in the field of food industry is to join the digital exhibition Foodex Iran. Most of the trade fairs around the world were formed with the aim of better and more visibility. Where every manufacturer can show their best face next to their competitors and convince their audience to buy by presenting their quality, differences and values.

Foodex digital food industry exhibition is a new answer to a long-standing need. This digital exhibition pursues old goals with new methods and removing limitations. In general, the digital exhibition of Foodex Iran is a space that is available to any brand or business so that they can always be available to their audience alongside other competitors without time and place restrictions. To visit the food industry digital exhibition Foodex, it is enough to visit the page of any brand active in the food industry at your workplace without traveling far with your smartphone, compare products and even check the technical specifications of each product. .

Why digital exhibition?!

Imagine that your brand hosts thousands of domestic and foreign visitors daily on a digital platform. Applicants for setting up an agency, consumers, suppliers and exporters will be only a part of thousands of visitors to your brand at the Iran Foodex digital exhibition.

Visitors of Foodex Iran digital exhibition can reach your exclusive profile with just a few simple clicks. In this profile, various information such as introduction of brand history, products, agencies, latest news, digital catalog in 3 languages ​​(Persian, English and Arabic) and purchase link of your brand products are placed, and visitors from anywhere in the world can interact with your brand.

Foodex Iran digital exhibition is the first digital platform to increase the reputation of your brand along with other big Iranian food and beverage brands.

Why should you register your brand in Foodex digital exhibition?!

Every brand has a digital profile

In the Foodex digital exhibition, each brand will be assigned a profile through which it can communicate with millions of audiences at the same time. Profiles that will provide digital services in addition to product introductions about each brand’s history, CEO’s words, competitive advantages and details of each product. By designing unique pages and editing the entire story of your brand, we intend to create a digital world for food industry activists.Let Iran and the world take a step. The digital exhibition of Foodex Iran is not only for visiting consumers. A complete profile on the trilingual website of Foodex Iran can represent your brand and business to the world. What will distinguish us and you in Foodex Iran is credibility, trust, global access and various experiences that will be created in this context.

You want to know how your profile will be exposed

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