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نمایشگاه بین المللی غذا

The production, packaging, supply, distribution, and overall trade of food and beverages are among the existing industries in the world that earn trillions of dollars in revenue each year and employ millions across the globe. While it’s true that the food and beverage market is naturally very large and encompasses a wide range of products and services, competition in this industry – as well as succeeding and remaining successful – can be challenging. 

One of the best opportunities for top food and beverage trade shows
to boost their business, especially in foreign markets where they have yet to establish a presence, is participating in one or several of the annual international food exhibitions held each year or two. Admittedly, preparing for and attending these events is costly, and effectively utilizing them requires proper strategizing. In this article, we have compiled a list of the
biggest food exhibition in the world
and Iran and a schedule of major reputable food shows to guide you if you plan to have your food business partake in one of these occasions.

The Purpose Food Exhibitions

برگزاری نمایشگاه های مواد غذایی

While the internet has fundamentally transformed marketing and commercial communications, food and beverage trade shows worldwide continue to draw considerable attendee numbers year after year. You may wonder why participating in such exhibitions remains important for the food sector.  

An international food and beverage trade fair is among the most important tools for companies producing and distributing food. Beverages can leverage to expand their scope and establish a more formidable presence in the market, especially foreign ones they have yet to tap into.  

In essence, attending professional food industry trade shows enables food business owners to network face-to-face with other players in the field, keep up with the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges food companies face globally, and pave the way for making deals, selling products, commencing operations in a new country, or announcing forthcoming investments.  

At a food exhibition, experts in food trading can learn about developments and growth prospects as well as obstacles the industry faces. They may also get the opportunity to connect with new buyers and sellers, discover state-of-the-art production and packaging technologies, and much more.

Which are the Biggest Food Exhibitions? 

We mentioned that trade show participation can significantly benefit companies trying to augment awareness about their food products, enhance brand reputation, showcase items visitors can purchase, and more. Several niche food events are held annually across various cities and countries, each focused on themes like confectionery, meat products, etc.

In this post, we have listed 7 top international food shows frequently attended by exhibitors and visitors so you can make a well-informed choice if planning to showcase your food business in such settings. 

1. Tehran Food Exhibition

نمایشگاه مواد غذایی تهران

Considering its scale and diverse product categories, the Tehran Agrofood Fair is regarded as the largest exhibition in the Middle East. In its latest event, 520 domestic companies plus 105 international enterprises from 17 countries booked exhibits. They hosted attendees across 20 halls and outdoor spaces. 

The Agrofood event is a trading platform for foreign exporters and Iranian importers of agricultural machinery and equipment while providing a prime opportunity for all agriculture sector players. Its last round, which ran for 4 days in June 2023, welcomed over 40,000 people who familiarize themselves with Iranian food and agricultural offerings.  

Products Showcased at the Tehran Agrofood Exhibition demonstrate all Iranian food and agriculture products and related technologies and services, spanning farming machines to ready-to-eat edibles.  

Visitors can find agricultural equipment (land cultivating, harvesting, irrigation, crop protection, storing farm yields, fertilizers, etc.); livestock & poultry rearing gear (animal feed, cattle farming supplies, dairy processing apparatus, milking machines, veterinary syringes, etc.); fish breeding gadgets; and much more.  

Additionally, raw ingredients for making food and beverages are on display, such as flavorings, butcher materials, sauces, cocoa butter, food colorants, herbal essences, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, solvents, aromatic compounds, fruit compounds, etc.  

Tehran Food Exhibition Calendar  

The Agrofood Fair is an annual four-day event typically held in late spring. The last edition—Agrofood 2022—ran from Khordad 26 to 29, corresponding to June 16 to 19, 2023.  

The 31st Iran International Exhibition of Agriculture, Food, Machinery, and Related Industries will be held at the Tehran Permanent Fairground from June 16-19, 2024.  

2. Anuga Food Exhibition  

Held biennially in Cologne, the Anuga expo is considered among the world’s most eminent international food fairs. Experts regard it as the foremost global Food and Beverage event. In its latest physical & online edition in 2021, over 700,000 visitors from 169 countries and more than 4,600 exhibitors from 98 countries were in attendance.   

Products Showcased at Anuga predominantly feature fresh and frozen foods, meat and dairy, pre-made eatables, and organics. Occasionally, a modest selection of confections and snacks may also be available.  

Anuga Registration Terms  

To qualify as an Anuga exhibitor, you’d have to be directly producing or processing the products you intend to showcase. However, you can also book stalls to represent firms you are officially mandated to (e.g., sales agents, importers, etc.)  

Online and postal registration are both possible. You must thoroughly complete all forms and will instantly receive email confirmation upon submitting your application.  

Please be cognizant of the event’s codes and guidelines during the process—for instance, booths cannot exceed 20 square meters in area, and manufacturers must showcase goods deemed admissible based on the catalog.  

After finalizing registration, settling booth rental charges, etc., each participant is issued and expected to present an identification code before entering the venue.  

Anuga Calendar

The biennial Anuga trade convention is a regular autumn affair usually running for 5 days in October. The most recent round was held October 7 to 11, 2023.  

3. Dubai Gulfood Food & Hospitality Exhibition  

نمایشگاه غذا و نوشیدنی دبی Gulfood

When talk of the food sector’s trade fairs arises, we certainly can’t omit Dubai’s Gulfood exhibition. Gulfood is among the world’s most significant Food and Beverage events, annually held in Dubai since 1987. Over 100,000 visitors and exhibitors from 193 countries flock to this global industry highlight to browse products from 5,000 stands. Experts hail Gulfood as the Middle East’s prime annual trading fixture.  

The event draws all kinds of food & hospitality producers, nutrition experts, celebrity chefs, hoteliers & restaurateurs, institutional food providers, and specialized media. Attendees can also participate in cooking workshops and fringe events hosted by Michelin-starred maestros.  

Gulfood Showcased Products  

The Dubai Food & Beverage Technorama generally accommodates exhibitors from around the globe, flaunting a vast selection of eatables and drinkables, plus hospitality equipment and services. Broad Food and Beverage product categories comprise the latest drink innovations, dairies, fats, oils, hospitality supplies, industrial baking ware such as ovens, commercial refrigerators, restaurant tools, etc.   

Gulfood Registration Requirements

Gulfood organizers strive to create a constructive trading climate for attendees and exhibitors. Therefore, the show usually exclusively welcomes food industry professionals—the general public and those under 21 are not granted entrance. So, if you plan to visit or showcase products at Gulfood, you must register online via the official website.  

Gulfood is a paid event; registration fees apply to visitors and exhibitors. Prospective booth holders must complete the online application for stand authorization accordingly.  

Gulfood Dubai Calendar

According to food show schedules, the Dubai event occurs annually each February. The last event was held from February 20 to 23, 2023, while Gulfood 2024 runs from February 19 to 23 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The timings are 10 AM to 6 PM.

4. Istanbul WorldFood Turkey

The Istanbul WorldFood Turkey trade show is an annual international food and beverage commerce fixture held in Istanbul. Organized by the Turkish office of ICA Events, the spectacle connects 360 domestic and global food corporations. It enables them to convene in Istanbul and communicate, negotiate, and contract with the Turkish food industry wholesale and retail purchasers.  

Officials confirm that over 835 exhibitors from 25 countries and nearly 40,000 visitors (including 12,633 foreigners from 163 countries) attended the latest event. 

Goods & Services Showcased at WorldFood Istanbul  

The Istanbul edibles exhibit practically covers all realms of Food and Beverage production and catering, agriculture and fisheries, food processing and packaging, kitchenware and restaurant equipment, hospitality assets, and more.  

Expansive product categories comprise agricultural yields, potables, catering apparatuses, seafood, groceries, hotel amenities, cafe and restaurant tools, raw ingredients, kitchen furnishings and cabinetry, organics, packaging solutions, spices and condiments, etc.  

The program also features 60+ lecturers, distinguished chefs conducting specialized seminars, and 8 business growth workshops.  

WorldFood Istanbul Event Calendar  

The tradeshow is an annual three-day affair held in September at Istanbul’s International Exhibition Centre on Airport Boulevard. The last edition ran from September 6 to 9, 2023, and the 2024 round is expected to occur in September.  

5. Oman Food & Hospitality Exhibition (FHO)

نمایشگاه غذا و نوشیدنی عمان FHO

The Oman Food & Hospitality (FHO) Expo is an international specialized food and tourism commerce event held annually in Muscat. FHO offers companies and stakeholders a marketing platform to showcase breakthrough offerings, services, and technologies across various food production and catering spheres, agriculture and fisheries, food processing and packaging, kitchenware and restaurant equipment, hotel, cafe, restaurant provisions, etc.  

This signifies a vital opportunity to exhibit expansion and growth in Oman’s tourism and food sectors, which will notably contribute to the country’s GDP. FHO participants get to directly communicate with and introduce brands to potential B2B clients from their domain. 

Goods & Services Showcased at FHO  

The Omani Food and Beverage exhibition displays the latest products and solutions in food production and catering, agricultural and fisheries equipment, food processing technologies, kitchenware and catering paraphernalia, hospitality, and restaurant tools.  

In essence, FHO product categories entail:  

Agricultural goods, Beverages, Catering supplies, Seafood, Groceries, Hotel amenities, Cafe & restaurant equipment, Raw ingredients, Kitchen cabinetry & furnishings, Organic edibles, Packaging mechanisms, Spices & condiments   

When Does the Oman Food & Hospitality Expo take place?  

FHO traditionally takes place for three days each September at the Oman International Exhibition Center along Airport Road. The latest 16th edition ran from September 18 to 20, 2023, while the 2024 fair is anticipated for September.  

6. Food and drink exhibition WorldFood Moscow

Moscow Convention is a state-of-the-art B2B marketing platform where domestic and global F&B manufacturers and service providers encounter retail and wholesale buyers, food processors, distributors, and exporters.  

A key advantage of partaking at WorldFood Moscow is getting access to all Russian food product distribution avenues – discovering new clients and raising sales volumes are invariably prime concerns for food corporations. Annually, over 5,000 professionals representing the country’s wholesale, retail, and food processing domains, plus 80 nations, participate in the fixture. Thus, the event signifies an unmatched opportunity to expand retail & wholesale geography. Attendees may additionally interface with novel food item suppliers and negotiate deals with food company executives, eateries, cafes, and restaurant proprietors. 

WorldFood Moscow Participation Criteria  

If you are interested in booking Russian Food Exhibition space, please fill out the online booth application form as soon as possible so that representatives can contact you.   

WorldFood Russia Event Calendar

As per food show itineraries, the Moscow WorldFood convention is a regular autumn event normally held in September, just as fall progresses. The upcoming 32nd international food & drink trade show transpired at Crocus Expo Halls 14 & 15 from September 19 to 22, 2023   

7. Munich Iba Bakery, Confectionery and Snacks Expo   

نمایشگاه نانوایی، شیرینی و تنقلات مونیخ Iba Munich

The iba baking, confectionary, and snacks expo is a fully specialized triennial food industry fixture held in Munich. It revolves around baking, chocolate making, and snack production. In essence, iba Munich signifies an international summit where only the most outstanding industry pioneers and business giants across spheres like baking, chocolate/sweet making, restaurant ownership, hotel catering, institutional food provision, and grocery retail decision-makers assemble.  

The latest round attracted 1,373 exhibitors and 77,020 visitors from 170 countries. In addition to sweets and baked goods displays, the event incorporates contests and sessions to elect the world’s following superior delicacies and bread, enabling attendees to sample upcoming hits.  

Products Showcased at Iba Munich

Iba encompasses a broad range of goods and services dealing with preparation, production, storage, and vending aspects, such as core ingredients and frozen semi-finished bakery products (spanning manufacturing, packaging, processing enhancement, etc.) like cutting apparatuses, tray cleaners, and dough portioners alongside interior design elements for cafes, bakeries, and candy stores (ventilation systems, wall panelings, waste separation tanks, etc.).  

In addition to raw materials, finished goods, freezing technology, and manufacturing equipment, the Expo exhibits macaroni, pizza, and pasta manufacturing lines, technologies, and accoutrements. In a nutshell, iba Munich covers the entire supply chain for the baking, chocolate/sweet-making, and catering sectors.   

Iba Munich Event Calendar  

The latest iba Expo was held in Munich from Sunday, October 22, to Thursday, October 26, 2023. More information is available on the Foodex website.

The Agrofood Exhibition Calendar

Agrofood food exhibitions are among the most important and influential exhibitions for displaying products and technologies related to agriculture, food and beverage processing, fisheries, livestock, and more. These exhibitions are usually held annually in various countries, although the timing differs by location.

The Agrofood Exhibition in Iran

The Tehran Agrofood Exhibition is typically held in late spring, during the month of Khordad (May-June). The newest edition, Agrofood 2022, was held from June 15 to 18, 2022, at the Tehran Permanent Fairgrounds.

Agrofood Exhibitions Worldwide

In addition to Iran, Agrofood exhibitions take place in countries across Asia, Africa, and beyond. Indonesia, Oman, Nigeria, and many more host these stellar food events on various dates throughout the year. The Agrofood calendar across different nations is as follows:

Country Exhibition Date
Indonesia August 10-13, 2023
Nigeria March 27, 2023
Ethiopia June 8-10, 2023
Ghana November 21-23, 2023
East Africa Agrofood (AEA)November 23-25, 2023
Oman  December 4-6, 2023

There is also a specialized European Agrofood event called Agro Food Tech, the first and only online agriculture and food technology exhibition focused on the German, French, and European markets. It typically takes place each December.

Participating in international food trade shows gives food and beverage companies a valuable chance to expand their market reach, connect with new buyers and distributors, and grow their businesses. Checking this helpful schedule of significant food industry events can assist in planning to attend one or more of these fruitful exhibitions.

Global Food Exhibition Calendar: Overview and Summary

We’ve seen that participating in an international food exhibition can help various food and beverage production and distribution companies gain a stronger foothold in the market and introduce their products to new buyers and distributors. In essence, a food industry exhibition allows players in the food trade to meet with B2B operators from all around the globe and forge sturdy business relationships to expand their operations. Now that we’re familiar with the most prominent and well-attended international food and beverage exhibitions, please provide us with the consolidated calendar of food fairs. This way, if you plan on attending one or more of these events, you’ll know their exact scheduling:

Exhibition NameUpcoming Food Exhibition Dates
Tehran AgrofoodJune 16-19, 2024
AnugaOctober 7-11, 2023
Gulfood DubaiFebruary 19-23, 2024
WorldFood IstanbulSeptember 2024
Oman Food & Hospitality Expo (FHO)September 2024
WorldFood MoscowSeptember 19-22, 2023
Iba MunichOctober 22-26, 2023

Keep up with the latest news about the food trade show and details in Foodexiran Magazine.

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