International iFood Exhibition in Shiraz

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نمایشگاه مواد غذایی شیراز

The food industry constantly evolves, requiring those in the field to stay updated and informed about the latest developments. International and national food exhibitions provide an opportunity for industry professionals to learn about the newest trends, products, and innovations and gain insights from competitors. However, attending foreign exhibitions has often presented challenges for Iranians. Fortunately, domestic exhibitions like Shiraz food exhibition (IFOOD) take place annually in Shiraz, bringing together numerous companies from Iran and abroad in the food industry. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the iFood Food Industries Exhibition, highlighting its significance, dates, and location.

What Products are Featured at the iFood Exhibition?

As an annual Iranian exhibition, iFood showcases a distinct range of products tailored to the local market, differing from other international exhibitions. By attending iFood, you can expect to find the following:

  • Protein industry booths
  • Ready-to-eat and semi-prepared food booths
  • Non-meat processed food booths (e.g., canned goods)
  • Dried fruit and nuts booths
  • Beverage industry booths (tea, soda, mineral water, yogurt drinks)
  • Packaging, distribution, and filling of machinery booths
  • Dried vegetables, herbal extracts, spices, and condiments booths
  • Canning and compote machinery booths
  • Oil industry machinery booths
  • Processing industry machinery booths
  • Dairy industry machinery booths

Who Attends the iFood Exhibition?

بازدیدکنندگان نمایشگاه مواد غذایی آیفود
Every year, numerous experts and researchers attend the iFood exhibition to explore the latest food products, connect with leading Iranian companies, and network within the industry. Attending iFood can be beneficial for:

  • Food technology researchers and specialists
  • Food manufacturers and producers
  • Food and beverage retailers
  • Food distributors and sellers
  • Senior executives of food and beverage companies
  • Media outlets
  • Educational institutions
  • Trade associations
  • Purchasing agents
  • Quality inspectors

Benefits of Having a Booth at iFood

Shiraz’s geographical location has historically made it a hub for trade in the Middle East, and its food market is renowned as an exceptional platform for commerce in this sector. Hence, one of Iran’s best international food exhibitions has been held in Shiraz for decades, attracting industry professionals from across the region. The Shiraz Food Industries Association collaborates closely with the organizers, ensuring the exhibition’s consistent improvement, as evidenced by the exceptional quality of the 2022 edition.
Whether you aim to expand your food business domestically, regionally, or globally, iFood provides a vital platform to achieve that goal. Exhibiting at iFood offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Access to VIP and CIP areas for hosting guests, securing distributorships, and contract negotiations
  • Dedicated spaces for hospitality preparation, promotional materials storage, and catalogue distribution
  • Prominent display of company names and logos on booth facades for advertising purposes

The dates of the 2024 iFood Exhibition

برگزاری نمایشگاه صنایع غذایی آیفود
According to the official iFood website, the 2024 exhibition will occur from February 6th to 9th, from 4 PM to 9 PM. Interested participants can register and book booths at

The Date of Shiraz Food Exhibition 2025

Shiraz International Food Industry Exhibition 2025, also known as IFOOD, will be held from February 6th to 9th at the Shiraz International Exhibition.

Admission Fees for iFood Shiraz

Visitors do not need to pay an admission fee. Still, exhibitors must cover booth rental and equipment costs, which vary annually. Visit the iFood Shiraz website for more information.

Location of the iFood Exhibition

iFood is held annually at the Fars International Exhibition Center, which boasts 17,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space and 3,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area, providing ample facilities for exhibitors and attendees.


Participating in international food exhibitions, especially in Iran, presents invaluable opportunities for Iranian businesses to stay informed about cutting-edge technologies and products and connect with the country’s top food brands. The iFood Exhibition in Shiraz is a premier event for companies operating in the food industry.

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