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نمایشگاه مواد غذایی تهران

The Agrofood exhibition is regarded as one of the largest events related to the food and agriculture industries, attracting significant global attention as a premier specialized food industry trade show. Held annually in various countries, this exhibition allows participants to showcase diverse food products and connect with companies operating in related industries. One of the most renowned and popular Agrofood exhibitions is the Tehran Food Show.

Regarding scale and variety of product groups, the Tehran Food Industries Exhibition is the largest in the Middle East, hosting over 520 domestic companies and 105 international exhibitors from 17 different countries across 20 separate halls and outdoor spaces. Essentially, this exhibition serves as a commercial platform for foreign exporters and Iranian importers of agricultural machinery and equipment and a business opportunity for all those active in the agricultural sector.

Given the importance of the Agrofood Tehran exhibition for Iranian farmers, producers, and the food industry, this article from Foodexiran Magazine will provide all the necessary information for participating in or attending the Tehran Food Show. We’ll also examine the significance of this event and its various benefits for the country’s food and agricultural sectors.

Iran food ingredients 2024 Products

One of the most essential and appealing aspects of exhibitions, especially those related to food and beverages, is the diverse range of products and goods on display. As one of the most prestigious Agrofood events and the largest food industry exhibition in the Middle East, the Tehran Food Show offers visitors various products.

As mentioned, this exhibition aims to showcase various products and services related to Iran’s agricultural and food production sectors. Consequently, a broad spectrum of products, technologies, and services associated with food and agriculture are presented, including agricultural machinery and equipment (planting, cultivation, harvesting, irrigation, plant protection, crop storage systems, fertilizers, etc.), livestock and poultry farming equipment (animal and poultry feed, farming equipment, milk processing machinery, milking machines, veterinary syringes, etc.), fish farming equipment, and more.

Additionally, the Tehran Food Show features various raw materials for food and beverage production, such as flavourings, butchery raw materials, sauces, cocoa butter, food colourings, herbal extracts, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, solvents, flavours, fragrances, fruit compounds, and more.

Iran Agrofood 2023 Exhibitor List

لیست غرفه‌داران نمایشگاه غذایی آگروفود

As mentioned, the Agrofood Tehran exhibition is a platform for showcasing various food products and related industries. Nearly all companies, factories, and small businesses involved in food production, agricultural products, and livestock are eligible to have a booth to introduce their businesses.

  • At the 30th International Tehran Food Exhibition in 2023, over 500 domestic companies and nearly 200 foreign companies from countries like Austria, Italy, Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, South Korea, China, India, and others participated, hosting around 40,000 visitors.
  • The Iranian International Exhibitions Company’s website has the complete list of exhibitors at the 2022 Tehran Food Exhibition and the 2023 Iran Agrofood Exhibition.

Visitors to the Agrofood Food Exhibition

Generally, exhibitions attract many visitors, especially those related to people’s daily lives and showcasing products and services found in household shopping baskets. During the exhibition period, many people attend, even if just for a brief time, to explore the various booths. The Tehran Food Industries Exhibition is one of the most popular events due to the diversity of products and services on display and the presence of the best and most reputable food producers, drawing large numbers of visitors.

Moreover, the importance of food safety, quality, organic nature, and nutritional value of food and beverages has become increasingly crucial for many individuals nowadays. One of the primary reasons visitors attend the Tehran Agrofood exhibition is to explore the latest organic and natural food brands and products. Additionally, innovative food technologies focused on environmentally-friendly agriculture and food production are showcased, appealing to many attendees.

During the four-day 30th Agrofood Food Exhibition in 2023, the organizers hosted around 616 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors exploring Iranian agricultural products in Tehran, demonstrating exceptional participation.

Benefits of Having a Booth at the Tehran Food Industries Exhibition

مزایای غرفه داشتن در نمایشگاه صنایع مواد غذایی

After three decades of operation, the Agrofood exhibition has firmly established itself as the premier platform for showcasing various products, services, and innovations related to food production, agriculture, and livestock farming. As such, it presents an excellent opportunity for participants to unveil their new products, services, and productions and strategically focus on branding and marketing their businesses. This exhibition also offers the best time to attract customers through food tourism, explore related industries, and gain insights into new markets, especially in neighbouring countries.

Some of the critical benefits for food production, agricultural, and livestock businesses participating in the Tehran Food Exhibition include:

  • Discovering new products, including high-quality and nutritious offerings, as well as products with enhanced shelf life and ease of delivery.
  • Enhancing knowledge and skills while gaining exposure to the latest industrial advancements in agriculture and the food industry.
  • Expanding professional and commercial networks and fostering relationships.
  • Connecting with other reputable companies in the agriculture and food industries, enabling potential collaborations and business expansion.
  • Direct business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales opportunities, including access to foreign markets.

Indeed, effective participation in a prestigious and established trade show like this requires a significant investment, from booth construction to the production of catalogues and brochures. However, if approached strategically, your participation can yield a substantial return on investment for your business, potentially generating multiple times the initial cost.

Dates of the Tehran Food Industries Exhibition

The Agrofood exhibition is registered in the Iranian exhibition calendar. It typically takes place over four days each year.

  • For instance, the most recent edition, the 2023 Tehran Food Exhibition, was held from June 16th to June 19th, 2023.
  • The 31st Iran international trade show of Agricultural Industries, Food, Machinery, and Related Industries in Tehran, is scheduled for June 8th to June 11th, 2024.

Admission Fees for the Agrofood Tehran Exhibition

Businesses interested in securing a booth at the Agrofood Tehran exhibition must make all necessary payments, including booth rental fees, construction deposits, etc., to the designated bank account provided by the organizing committee during the initial registration and document submission process. In fact, final registration for the domestic section of the exhibition is contingent upon paying 100% of the estimated fees based on the requested area, plus a 9% value-added tax.

Booth rental fees vary depending on factors such as the booth size, location (indoor hall or outdoor space), and the selection of prefabricated structures. For example, the registration and booth request fees for the 2022 Tehran Food Exhibition were calculated as follows:

Indoor hall booth (minimum 12 square meters) with prefabricated equipment (surrounding panels, carpeting, one electrical outlet, lighting, one table, two chairs, signage) – 59,120,000 rials per square meter of floor space and 30,000,000 rials per square meter for essential prefabricated equipment.

Indoor hall booth (minimum 22 square meters) without prefabricated equipment – 59,120,000 rials per square meter.

Outdoor booth without equipment (minimum 40 square meters) – 42,270,000 rials per square meter.

Each domestic participant must also pay 102,000,000 rials to include their company information on the exhibition company’s portal.

Note: In the event of the exhibition’s cancellation or postponement due to factors such as insufficient participant numbers, COVID-19 pandemic guidelines from the Ministry of Health, or directives from other official authorities, the participating company will bear all responsibilities, financial and non-financial consequences, and expenses related to booth construction, advertising, printing, hospitality, personnel, etc. The organizers and the exhibition company will not be held legally, financially, or morally responsible in such cases.

Location of the Tehran Food Exhibition

The Agrofood Iran exhibition is typically held at the permanent Tehran International Exhibition Center located on the Chamran Expressway (near the southeastern area of Shahid Beheshti University). The exhibition center has three entrances: two southern and southwestern entrances from Seoul Street and a northern entrance from Chamran Expressway (towards Parkway Intersection – Pedestrian Bridge at the International Exhibition Center or Yemen Street – Rashid Fazlollah Street).

Getting the most out of the Agrofood Food Exhibition

نکات تجاری نمایشگاه مواد غذایی آگروفود

As mentioned, maximizing the benefits of participating in the Agrofood Tehran Food Exhibition requires advance planning and a well-defined strategy. Let’s review some meaningful and practical tips for an effective presence at this specialized food ingredients and agriculture event:

  • Booth design and layout are crucial factors in attracting and retaining visitors. Pay close attention to the design and layout of your exhibition booth. Even with limited space and budget, you can create an elegant and appealing booth design.
  • Ensure that your booth’s decor and colour scheme complement and harmonize with the nature of your products and services.
  • Include seating areas like tables and chairs to comfort your staff and visitors. It’s advisable to designate a VIP section where you can host other industry colleagues and conduct business meetings.
  • You’ll need a storage area for your booth, but ensure it’s out of sight from visitors. Keep any excess items out of their view.
  • Before attending the exhibition, research your customers’ needs and assess your competitors. After a thorough analysis, make informed decisions about brochure production, product/service selection for display, and other aspects.
  • Implement strategies to attract as many visitors as possible to your booth during the short exhibition period. Hosting events or unveiling new products can be effective ways to draw attendees.
  • Provide your booth staff comprehensive information, including technical specifications, pricing, and answers to frequently asked questions about your products and services.
  • Develop a daily plan to connect with other industry colleagues and well-known professionals in your field. Your time is limited, so determine in advance which companies and individuals you want to engage with for business discussions.


If you’re a food producer, agricultural supplier, or livestock business seeking to expand your operations, the Tehran Food Industries Exhibition is an excellent platform. At the Agrofood exhibition, you can showcase food ingredients and other products, find new customers, and strengthen your commercial network across various areas, including partnerships, marketing, and sales. Additionally, you can explore the latest equipment and machinery in food production and distribution, allowing you to acquire any necessary technologies to support your business growth. However, as discussed in this article, effective participation requires advance preparation to maximize the benefits of attending the Tehran Food Show.

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