Istanbul Food Exhibition 2024

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نمایشگاه مواد غذایی ورد فود استانبول

One of the finest food exhibitions held annually in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, is the World Food Istanbul international exhibition. This event supports major companies in the industry and showcases new food products. This article will delve into the
Istanbul food exhibition 2024 and share all the essential information you need.

What is World Food Istanbul?

World Food Istanbul (Worldfood Istanbul) is the international gathering point for the food industry in Turkey. This year, it was held from September 6th to 9th at the Tuyap Convention Center, featuring over 1,000 brands unveiling their latest products in the food sector.

Each year, World Food Istanbul attracts more than 360 domestic and international food manufacturers to converge in Istanbul, network, and negotiate with buyers from the Turkish food industry. Since 1993, this exhibition has been a trusted gateway for entry and expansion into the food industry market, reflecting industry trends, fostering international collaborations, and showcasing the newest food and beverage products in the Turkish market.

What Products are Showcased at World Food Istanbul?

Exhibitors at the Turkish food exhibition offer a comprehensive range of products from the entire food and beverage industry, presenting new solutions in transportation and storage. Some of the food items featured at World Food Istanbul 2022 included:

  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Baby foods
  • Dips and condiments
  • Confectionery
  • Canned goods
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Flour-based foods and pasta
  • Frozen foods
  • Food additives and supplements
  • Fresh produce
  • Meat products
  • Frozen seafood
  • Grains, spices, and pickles
  • Jams, honey, molasses, and delicacies like halva
  • Milk and Dairy products
  • Natural and organic foods
  • Vegetable oils
  • Desserts

Who Visits World Food Istanbul?

بازدید از نمایشگاه مواد غذایی ورد فود استانبول

Apart from its fascinating attractions, this exhibition annually draws numerous experts and researchers deeply involved in the food industry. Generally, attending this exhibition is beneficial for the following groups:

  • Food technology researchers and experts
  • Manufacturers and producers
  • Food and beverage retailers
  • Sellers and distributors
  • Senior executives of food and beverage manufacturing companies
  • Media
  • Educational institutions
  • Trade associations
  • Purchasing agents
  • Quality inspectors

What Are the Benefits of Attending World Food Istanbul?

According to studies by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Turkey ranks seventh globally in agricultural production, right after the United States, Brazil, China, India, and Indonesia. This status transforms World Food Istanbul into an astonishing platform for accessing the global food market.

Furthermore, the Turkish Ministry of Health collaborates with food manufacturers to enhance production and development in this field and combat the obesity epidemic. This collaboration could create new opportunities for Iranian producers to enter the international market by participating in food exhibition in turkey in a neighboring country like Turkey, facilitating business expansion in a developed nation.

When is World Food Istanbul Held?

تاریخ برگزاری نمایشگاه صنایع غذایی ورد فود استانبول

The 2024 edition of World Food Istanbul took place from  September 3th to September 6th, in Istanbul. Participants attended by purchasing tickets.

What Are the Admission Fees for World Food Istanbul?

To participate in this exhibition, you must complete the application form of
world food istanbul registration and inquire about fees and scheduling.

World Food Istanbul Location

According to information published on the World Food Istanbul website, the exhibition will be held at 19 Mayis Cad, Golden Plaza, Floor 7, No. 35360.

WorldFood Istanbul takes place at the TUYAP Fair and Congress Centre , the best located and more convenient exhibition centre in Turkey.

Participants can use the website’s location information for navigation purposes.

World Food Istanbul Opening Hours

World food Istanbul opening hours are generally between 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM.

Notes on World Food Istanbul

As mentioned, this exhibition presents numerous opportunities for businesses to expand their international food trade. Here are some specific trade advantages of attending World Food Istanbul:

Identifying Resources and Business Development

You’ll find many local, regional, and international exhibitors, connecting you with the most prominent raw material suppliers and food manufacturers in the Middle East and worldwide.

Additionally, the short duration allows you to network extensively within three days, significantly reducing costs.

Gaining Insights and Staying Up-to-Date

By attending the
Turkey food exhibition 2024, you can familiarize yourself with the latest food and beverage sector technologies and connect with the best producers globally. This allows you to leverage their expertise in improving your products and expanding your business.


Participating in international exhibitions always presents significant challenges for Iranian businesses, from exorbitant costs to various sanctions our country faces. However, valuable opportunities like World Food Istanbul serve as a bridge to connect with the global food industry, improve our businesses, and create value in this sector. Despite the obstacles, events like these offer a chance to take a significant step forward.

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