Introducing The Best Iranian Diet Apps

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Best Iranian & International Diet Apps

Until a few years ago, everyone was on a weight loss plan through intense exercise, experiencing visible weight loss, or reaching their ideal weight with unscientific diets. Such a problem caused many of these people to become fat again after some time and endanger their health due to inappropriate diets.

With the advancement of nutrition science along with the modern technology of the world, the shape of everything has changed. These days, many specialists have prepared various applications, with the help of programmers, which can count calories and offer you to cook healthy foods to lose weight based on specific principles and a healthy process, along with regular exercise.

There is plenty of foreign weight loss applications, suitable and top-class Iranian ones. For this reason, we will talk about some Iranian diet and calorie counter applications that have performed well over the years. So join us for a few minutes.

Introducing The Best Iranian Diet Apps

The Best Iranian diet apps offer comprehensive tools and resources to help individuals track their nutrition, manage their diet, and achieve their health goals with a focus on Iranian cuisine and dietary preferences.

1. Celery Diet Modification Program

The most popular diet and calorie counter app that at least half of our friends and family members have used to lose weight, improve eating habits, and count calories is the Celery app.

Celery is the most famous Iranian application and program for correcting eating habits, which has a complete list of Iranian and foreign foods, snacks and snacks. As a result, if you want to modify your eating habits without visiting a specialist doctor and add calories to your body based on your daily needs, you can install celery on your phone.

When registering, this program takes specific information from you, such as height and weight, to show whether you are in a good range or need to worry a little about your eating situation, according to the body mass or IBM.

Suggested diet, food calorie counting, meal reminders, and healthy diet recipes are all benefits of using the Celery app, which can be installed on Android and iOS. For more recipes and healthy eating habits, in addition to the contents of the celery program, it is a good idea to look at the article How to eat healthy food? You have.

2. Cumin diet modification program

The second Iranian diet and calorie counter application is Zeera, which, in addition to correcting eating habits, also can target. This way, you first install the program and create a user account. In the next step, you specify your goals for the program, such as muscle gain or weight loss, and then you start using the cumin application.

By entering information such as height and weight, suitable days for training, final goals, etc., the cumin diet application will offer you a list of the best low-calorie foods. If you wish, it will also show you how to exercise and how to do it. It is up to you. As a result, if you don’t want to go to the gym, you can train at home or in the park. Of course, it is better to consult a trainer or watch the relevant videos many times to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. Like the celery program, Cumin is an accurate and complete calorie counter and dietary modification application.

3. A calorie counter and mannequin slimming program

As the name suggests, the mannequin app is supposed to make you look like a mannequin with its special offers. Menken is a calorie counter application for correcting eating habits and dealing with overeating, which allows you to know how many calories you consumed in each meal by entering your food and how many calories are suitable for your condition based on your height and weight.

Using the dummy, you can set a target for your desired weight, calculate the number of calories in your food plate in each meal, and get help from this program for new diet foods or exercise. In addition, the Mannequin diet app has a pedometer and a reminder to drink water daily to ensure you are moving and drinking enough water. Remember that reducing water consumption during the diet is very effective on the health of your skin and hair and can affect the skin’s clarity.

4. Salma’s diet and healthy eating plan

The Salma diet application is a dietary modification program based on the amount of activity and calories of each food. When you use this program, in addition to improving your lifestyle, you also have access to about 200 exercise movements and 200 food recipes that will help you for the days of the weight loss challenge.

In addition, if you encounter any problems while using the program or you encounter problems cooking food, you can contact Salma support. If you are also looking for a list of healthy and low-calorie foods, look at the article What are healthy foods? You have.

5. Dopamine application

Dopamine is another calorie counter and Iranian food style modification application that is supposed to help you eat right and healthy. As a result, if you want to eat well at the same time as you lose weight so that instead of your muscles, your fats will decrease and you will stay fresh and healthy, it is better to use the dopamine diet application.

  Meals introduced in Dopamine include protein and carbohydrates necessary for daily needs; in addition, for those who have certain eating habits, fat-free foods are also introduced with the possibility of substitution.

6. Phyto diet plan

The Phyto program is the last Iranian application we recommend for losing weight and eating right. After you install the Phyto Diet app, enter your height and weight to be introduced to new recipes, dietary styles such as fasting (8-10 hours of drinking fluids to rest the liver), and other dietary styles such as veganism or ketogenic.

Using the Fito program, you can plan to lose or gain weight, lose fat and increase muscles, and have a complete diet with healthy meals.

7. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal diet plan

Introducing Iranian applications is the turn of some foreign applications, the most famous of which can be called Fitness Pal.

Fitness Pal is the most famous and highly rated external diet and calorie counter application that can be installed on Android and iOS from Google Play and other platforms. At the same time, this program is linked to smartwatch applications and sports programs such as Strava so that however many calories you burn during exercise will be transferred to your meal plan.

In addition to cooking recipes and food calories, this program acts like a social network. It allows you to use other people’s recipes and send them your suggested dishes.

8. Lifesum diet plan

The second recommended foreign diet program is Lifesum, which has an easy user interface and, in addition to the calorie counter, it also provides targeting based on the height and weight of the user.

Using this program, you can safely eat healthily, count your food’s calories and lose weight without damaging your body muscles.


So far, you have learned about the best Iranian diet apps and two foreign calorie counter apps, and now you can download the one that suits your conditions based on your goals.

Remember that diet alone does not have a specific effect on weight loss; Rather, it helps you to correct bad eating habits and prevents you from consuming extra calories. To reach the ideal weight, you must have a minimum of regular and daily exercise and eat healthy enough to lose weight and stay healthy.


Frequently asked questions

Are there any suggestions in these programs for those with a special diet?

Yes! When creating a user account and entering your height and weight, you can specify vegetarianism, veganism, lactose or gluten sensitivity, etc., in your personal information to suggest a suitable meal plan.

If we’re runners or cyclists, can we connect our workout app to our diet app?

Yes! Almost all calorie counter apps have either a pedometer or connect to exercise apps. Still, the best is Fitness Pal, which is directly linked to the Strava program and tells you the number of calories consumed during exercise.

Are there any best suggestions for before and after training in these applications?

Yes! Almost all the applications introduced above, especially Cumin and celery, have a suitable meal plan, a suitable drink for pre-workout and post-workout meals, and even suggest consuming whey protein or supplements.

In this article, you will learn some of the best diet and calorie-counting apps you need to improve your eating habits and lifestyle.

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