NGOs are providing world food

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NGOs are providing world food

Most nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are grassroots organizations that are not formally affiliated with any international body, although they may receive some international funding for local programs. These nongovernmental organizations have been working for centuries to provide food so that everyone can get the food they need. The main concern of public and private institutions (NGOs) is to provide food for the hungry people of the planet. In Foodex magazine, you will get to know NGOs that are active in providing food to the hungry in this world.

In 1910, about 130 international groups formed a coordinating body called the Union of International Societies. The term NGO was coined when the United Nations was founded in 1945 to distinguish private organizations from intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) such as the United Nations.

NGOs transport 75% of food

3/4 of WFP’s food and cash transfers are delivered by nongovernmental organizations.

NGOs; Interface between governments and the United Nations

Nongovernmental organizations perform various tasks. They provide information and technical expertise to governments and international organizations (such as UN specialized agencies) on various international issues and local information unavailable to governments. The agency may also monitor human rights or environmental enforcement, Such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.

Alignment of NGOs with the World Food Program

In 2021, WFP consulted with its local and international NGOs for the first time on developing the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, which committed to greater collaboration. The consultation also allowed NGOs to ensure that their strategies were aligned with those of the World Food Program where possible.

86% of NGOs in a particular country

About 86% of WFP’s NGO partners are in a specific country. Their capacity development ensures that WFP interventions have a long-term impact by empowering communities and countries to address their food challenges.

Building a world without Hunger with NGOs

All over the world, NGOs are working to eradicate Hunger in the world. These nongovernmental organizations operate in different dimensions with a unique perspectives but ultimately have a common goal. Their slogan is “building a world without hunger”. In this article, you will learn about 30 nongovernmental organizations with extensive activities to eliminate Hunger worldwide.

Overcoming food poverty

Care is a global organization dedicated to ending poverty and preserving people’s dignity. This organization works worldwide to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice with the vision of “a world full of hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty is overcome, and all people live with dignity, where poverty is overcome.” It works for all people. Live with dignity and security.” The organization focuses on women’s role as consumers and food producers through its “She Feeds the World” program to strengthen women’s voices, gender equality, and inclusive governance.

empowering women; The key to reducing Hunger

The Hunger Project is the name of an international non-profit organization with a vision of “a world where every woman, man, and child can live a healthy and full life with self-reliance and dignity”. Hunger Projects runs programs in Asia, Africa, and South America to mobilize rural communities to achieve sustainable progress in nutrition, family hunger, health, and education. The mission of this organization is to end Hunger and poverty. It currently works in 16,075 communities, empowering men and women living in rural areas to overcome Hunger and poverty on their own. The 3 essential elements of this organization’s work are: empowering women as key agents of change, mobilizing communities for self-reliant action, and strengthening effective partnerships with local governments.

Support campaigns against Hunger and poverty

Bread for the World is the name of a Christian collective organization based in the United States that works to end Hunger at home and abroad. The organization challenges policies and programs that allow Hunger and poverty to persist. He also speaks in the US Congress to change policies in his own countries and worldwide to help people struggling with Hunger. It advocates for change through campuses, churches, and other organizations. It organizes advocacy campaigns to pass or block legislation affecting poverty and Hunger and builds the political will to tackle these issues head-on.

Three billion people in the world do not have a stove!

The Cleaning Cooking Alliance is another NGO working with a network of partners to create an inclusive industry that makes clean cooking accessible. According to the organization, 3 billion people worldwide depend on open fires and inefficient stoves to cook their food, affecting their health, the climate, and the environment. Therefore, global access to clean cooking solutions requires innovative technologies and business models. The union’s work revolves around 3 main pillars: Increasing consumer demand for cleaner, more modern stoves with increased awareness. Second, mobilizing investment to create businesses capable of providing clean, affordable, high-quality cooking products. Third, supporting effective policies that address this issue. Clean cooking transforms lives by providing healthier nutrition to vulnerable people.

Freeing the world from Hunger in 50 Countries

Action Against Hunger is the name of a global organization that works to end Hunger worldwide. The main goal of this organization is to create a better way to deal with Hunger and malnutrition in nearly 50 countries of the world. The NGO has about 7,500 field workers who help more than 21 million people in emergencies caused by food crises, natural disasters, and conflicts. This organization focuses on families with young children. The organization also works with other hunger-related issues, such as nutrition and sanitation, water and sanitation, emergency response, food security, and livelihoods, to fight Hunger, saving the lives of children and their families and enabling them to support themselves. The organization constantly seeks innovative and effective solutions to create long-term changes and free the world from Hunger. Reading the article What is food security? You will find out how the lack of enough food affects the development of countries.

Healthy food for 1.8 million children

Akshaya Patra is an Indian NGO founded in 2000 to eradicate Hunger in the classroom by implementing a mid-day meal program in Indian public schools. Since then, the NGO has become the world’s largest organization in the program, serving healthy meals every school day to more than 1.8 million children in 16,856 schools across 12 Indian states and two union territories in the country. The main goal of this organization is to eliminate malnutrition among children and support the right to education for children whose parents and families cannot afford it. It partners with the Government of India and several state governments. It has the support of corporations and individual donors to feed children in schools and use technologies to increase its reach.

Providing food for 46 million hungry people

Feeding America is the name of a leading organization in the fight against Hunger in the United States. Its mission is to “feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and participate in the country’s fight to end hunger.” Feeding America is the largest network of food banks, meal programs, and food pantries in the United States. It serves 46 million people in nearly every community in America through 200 food banks. Founded 40 years ago, it has been working on innovative ways to combat food waste and provide fresh food to hungry people across the continent. The organization believes that everyone, including governments, charities, businesses, and individuals, has a role in ending Hunger in the United States.

A world without Hunger

Rise Against Hunger; This NGO considers ending Hunger more than feeding people. Driven by the vision of a world without Hunger, the organization’s mission is to end Hunger by providing food and assistance to the world’s most vulnerable people. The organization mobilizes a global network of so-called hunger champions, or meal-packing volunteers, who produce millions of items each year, which are then distributed to partners in countries around the world. RaisingHunter partners use their knowledge and gifts to distribute food locally while ensuring that distributed meals are used to promote education, improve health and nutrition, and stimulate economic growth. The organization also responds to emergencies and natural disasters and promotes agricultural production programs to alleviate Hunger.

Higher quality of life for children

SPOON was founded in 2007 to envision a world where all children are nourished and valued. Since then, Spoon has worked with leading experts in nutrition, pediatrics, foster care, epidemiology, nutrition, disability, child development, and public health. The work of this organization is based on science and is accompanied by strong evidence and results. It supports policies for better nutrition and nutrition for children with disabilities and children without family care. A spoon works with policymakers to design guidelines and implement policies to nourish all children. The organization’s Count Me In program is specifically designed for children with disabilities and those living in institutions. Through this program, Spoon monitors children individually and provides recommendations to caregivers in the form of a care plan for each child. This program considers nutrition, growth, and nutritional practices that ultimately lead to better health and a higher quality of life for children.

UNICEF; The largest supplier of food for children

UNICEF is one of the largest United Nations agencies dedicated to helping children in need. It works around the world to help children survive and thrive. Among many programs, UNICEF implements the nutrition program and is part of a large global initiative called Scaling Up Nutrition, which attracts focus and investment in nutrition in many countries.

5 thousand social programs supporting the Hunger of the elderly

Meals on Wheels, one of the largest NGOs in the United States, supports more than 5,000 social programs that address Hunger and isolation among older people. It serves every community in America, employing nearly 2 million staff and volunteers who provide nutritious meals and friendly visits to America’s seniors. These activities enable them to have a healthy and appropriate diet and live with dignity. Mills on Wheels serves about 1 million meals a day using two methods of food distribution; By delivering food directly to seniors and adults with disabilities in their homes or by providing meals to groups of people in community centers or care facilities. The organization also runs programs that allow seniors to live in their own homes as long as possible and avoid costly alternatives such as hospitals and home care services.


Nongovernmental organizations are influential due to their expertise and access to important information sources. A significant share of humanitarian aid is currently channeled through NGOs. However, in some cases, the sheer number of NGOs and their diversity makes it difficult to develop a coordinated approach to specific problems. Since the late 20th century, some governments have reacted to NGOs’ growing power and influence, accusing them of being undemocratic and accountable only to those who fund them. Other governments have tried to prevent nongovernmental organizations from participating in international decision-making forums. Despite these problems, nongovernmental organizations play an important role in developing global norms and laws on various transnational issues.

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