The first factory producing pasta in Iran

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The first factory producing pasta in Iran

Macaroni(pasta) is among the most popular foods that young and old, young and old, don’t miss. Have you ever wondered where and when these delicious noodles were born? Or how did these Ferengi noodles become part of our Iranian diet? Do you know anything about Irani noodles? What about Iranian spaghetti? What factories produce these foods? And most interestingly, what was the name of the first pasta factory in Iran? To get the answers to all these questions, be with us, and we will answer them in Foodex magazine.

The root of the word pasta

There are several theories for the origin of the word pasta. The first view: macaroni, is derived from the Greek word malaria, and the second view: the Italian word, is ammaccare, which means crushed or kneaded dough.

The history of pasta in the world

Most people believe that pasta is an Italian food and its main origin belongs to Italy. What is known about the true authenticity of this food is generally presented in the form of a story. According to this story, the origin of the pasta invention goes back to China. Pasta or macaroni, the second most popular food in the world, is made by the Chinese. It means that first pasta in the world is made of by Chinese.

According to the National Pasta Institute of America, the invention of these fields goes back to what happened 3,000 years ago. One day, a Chinese lady was preparing bread dough in a ship’s kitchen, and while working, she was talking to an Italian sailor. By chance, the dough is poured from the container onto the table and hangs from the table in the form of strings, and they dry quickly with the sun’s rays on the strings and almost become the present-day shape of pasta. This lady and her Italian colleague Mr. Spaghetti cook the obtained noodles in boiling broth. After tasting the cooked noodles, they find out what a delicious and interesting dish they have found. Mr. Spaghetti, returning to Italy, thinks of improving the taste of these noodles. With a little change in the recipe of this delicious dish, spaghetti is known as an Italian dish worldwide.

The History of Pasta in Iran

Where was the first pasta factory? Iran’s first pasta production workshop was established in 1934. This small company, known as “Lobel, ” started producing pasta with a few simple machines to serve foreign diplomats and embassies in Iran. The word “rashteferangi” is also taken from here. This workshop produced about 20 to 30 kg per day, which was more than enough then. The surplus of this production was sent to the market and easily found its way to the table of Iranians, and today, it has become one of the main strengths of our tables.

After this food became famous throughout Iran, two other pasta production workshops, “Ita Makaroon” and “Pars Makaroon,” also started working. The head of Iran’s Pasta Producers Office believes that: Iranian consumers like the quality and price of Iranian pasta, which is the main reason for the production of Iranian pasta. Since Iranians love pasta and call it one of their favorite meals, the per capita consumption of this food is very high, so it ranks 8th in pasta consumption after Chile, Peru, and Germany.

All kinds of pasta

Pasta is produced in 350 different shapes and sizes around the world. But fossil type, pasta, penne, and farfalle are more common in Iran. Another type of pasta is classified according to its raw materials. In general, 3 types of flour are used in the production of pasta:

  • Semolina flour, the most common type of pasta in Iran, is very pleasing to the taste of Iranians and it’s an Iranian macaroni.
  • Cake flour is another type used to prepare pasta. Still, this method is rare in Iran because this flour has nutrient deficiencies, and the competent authorities have prohibited using this flour in pasta production.
  • Corn flour is also used in preparing pasta, But Iranians dislike this type of pasta.
  • To learn about easy and quick recipes, visit the article on how to prepare simple and quick dishes.

The first pasta factory in the world

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, brought the first pasta machine to America in 1789 when he returned home after serving as ambassador to France. The first industrial pasta factory in America was built in 1848 by a Frenchman in Brooklyn who spread his spaghetti on the roof to dry in the sun. Thus, pasta production became popular in the 19th century, and several workshops sprouted nationwide.

The first factory producing pasta in Iran

After establishing small pasta production workshops and recognizing this food throughout Iran, the volume produced needed to meet the existing demand. It happened that industrial production factories came into use. The first fully industrial factory producing pasta in Iran belongs to 1374. Currently, more than 300 small and large production units in Iran are producing all kinds of pasta and its accessories. The leader of the pasta-producing factories in Iran is Zar Industrial Group, with the brand name “Zar Macaron”. The production of pasta in this company with barley flour led to the production of probiotic pasta. This new food made Zar Macaron win the “Healthy Apple” award or the national award in the field of the food industry.

The best pasta factory in Iran

Many companies are involved in the production of pasta and spaghetti in Iran, But so far, about 50 pasta-producing brands are active in Iran, of which 5 brands have the largest share in the Iranian pasta market; Like:

Zar Industrial Group (Zar Macaron)

Zar Macaron was established in 1371. Zar brand is the best producer and exporter of pasta in Iran. Spaghetti, Fermi, Lasagna, Soupy, Ashianei, Jumbo, and Farasudmand (enriched with B vitamins and bran) are produced by Zar Industrial Group.

Tak Industrial Group (Tak  Makaron)

Tak  Makaron is another of the best pasta brands in Iran, established in 1372. All kinds of flour, breakfast cereals, snacks, noodles, and cake powder with different flavors are produced in the Tak factory.

Mana Industrial Group (Mana)

Mana Group is one of Iran’s pasta and pasta production pioneers. Mana spaghetti started its work in 1354.

Khoshnam Food Industries (Mac)

Khoshnam Food Company, with a Mac brand name, is one of the pasta producers in Isfahan province, which started its activity in 2008. Khoshnam markt produces a variety of string pasta, fermi, and lasagna. Currently, it produces several types of pasta; But two types of Spaghetti Linguini and Pasta Bucatini are among the best-selling products of this brand.

Industrial Group (Manta Samira)

Manta company, with the brand name of Samira pasta, is one of the best pasta brands in Iran, which entered the pasta production and supply market in 1355. This brand produces string pasta, fermi, lasagna, fettuccine and vermicelli. Samira Macaroni also exports these products to some neighboring countries.

Pasta production factory in Iran

The pasta production capacity in Iran is about 700,000 tons per year, but these companies only produce about 560,000 tons depending on the conditions and reasons. About 40,000 tons of pasta are exported to neighboring countries, CIF countries, and some African countries. It is interesting that this product is also exported from Iran to Europe.

Roshd pasta

One of the best pasta manufacturing companies is Roshd Factory, established in 1358 in Yazd. This complex started producing pasta in 1370, producing more than 4 tons daily. Macaroni and lasagna, cake and pastry powder, noodles, sugar, jam, dough powder, soy, and several other products are among the food products that are produced in the Roshd factory.


As a popular and nutritious food, pasta is one of the healthy foods that can be prepared quickly. This food is famous and known all over the world. Also, about 97% of Iranian people have benefited from this delicious food and have included it in their food list.

The first factory producing pasta in Iran started working in 1312 with a simple and basic tool, and the first fully industrial factory producing pasta was opened in 1374. The best brands of pasta manufacturers in Iran include brands such as Zar, Tak, Mana, Samira, and Mak.

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